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Wyrd Science returns with an even bigger and better second issue. 112 pages of interviews, news, features and reviews covering everything from the history of D&D B/X through to the best tabletop games of today.


In this issue you'll find...


Quickstart - get up to speed with what's happening with interviews with & features on: What Would the Smart Party Do?, Coyote & Crow, Jon Peterson on his new book The Elusive Shift, the latest gaming design trends, game inspired art and much more


Main features:


  • A celebration of D&D B/X's 40th Anniversary including interviews with game designers Stephen Marsh & David 'Zeb' Cook, Peter Bebergal on the books that inspired B/X & a look at the OSR scene and the best games of today inspired by it.
  • An interview with April Kit Walsh about her new RPG Thirsty Sword Lesbians
  • An interview with Cubicle 7's Emmet Byrne about Age of Sigmar Soulbound
  • An interview with games designer Jay Dragon about their game of pastoral exploration and healing, Wanderhome
  • An interview with Gavriel Quiroga about his new RPG Warpland
  • A introduction to the Latin American RPG scene by games designer Diogo Nogueira
  • A look at the new generation of model agnostic indie wargames from the likes of Space Weirdos to Reign in Hell
  • An interview with Pontus Bjorlin about his new RPG ALTNYC88
  • Interviews with pro-model painters Dana Howl, Brent Amberger, Amy Snuggs and Scott Walker and a look at how social media is changing that cene
  • An interview with best selling Black Library author Guy Haley
  • A look at the representation of women in the tabletop world today including interviews with the likes of Wingspan's Elizabeth Hargrave, 1minuteboardgames' Raina Medina, Dark Imp Game's Ellie Dix and Patricia Willenborg of Kismet Rose's D&D


Reviews:  Age of Sigmar (3rd Edition), RPGs including Dune, Fallout, Achtung! Cthulhu, Inspirisles, Soulbound, Word Wide Wrestling, Whitehack, Caer Mundas, Old School Essentials, Animal Adventures and many more, and board games such as Oath and Uk'Otoa.


All this plus lots more...


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Wyrd Science - Expert Rules (Vol.1 / Issue 2) [Print + PDF]