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And we're finally back with a new issue, well almost, there's still the small matter of a Kickstarter campaign to run but for now enjoy this reveal of our third issue's cover...

Yep, it's old Cthulhu himself taking centre stage for what is our Horror Issue! The great old one has risen from his briny tomb in this brilliant linocut illustration by our cover artist Mat Pringle.

It's another bumper issue with 112 pages packed full of interviews and features exploring the dark shadowy corners of tabletop games, alongside all our now regular features, news and reviews.

The campaign launches on Kickstarter in early July but you can head there now and sign up to be notified the second we go live.

In the meantime remember you can download our first two issues for free (or any amount you like if you're feeling flush) from Itch and DriveThruRPG or pick up a print copy for half price direct from our shop.


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