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Monster Of The Week...

After more than four decades of disappearing down holes in the ground to kill the inhabitants and make off with their treasured possessions it's fair to say that even the dankest dungeon holds few surprises for seasoned adventurers.

When even the more outlandish eldritch horror has become quotidian, how are you supposed to catch your players unaware and fill their fragile little hearts with a healthy fear of the unknown?

Sure you can just throw an extra tentacle or poison dripping scorpion tail onto something and put your feet up but what better than something completely new to put them on the back feet and running screaming in terror back to the safety of the pub.

It's a conundrum that Handiwork Games have been pondering and perhaps solved with their new Handimonsters Patreon. Each month their team of veteran creatives will be creating 4 entirely brand new monsters to hurl, ichor dripping mandibles-first, at your PCs.

Headed up by Cubicle 7 veteran Jon Hodgson, the rest of the team includes lead creature creator Jacob Rodgers (Adventures in Middle Earth), prolific artist Scott Purdy, graphic designer Paul Borne (The One Ring) and Black Library author Danie Ware. It's fair to say they know what they're playing at.

All the monsters come complete with full colour art, and at some point even print-at-home STL files, and are fully statted for the 5th edition of the big dungeon game. But if you're big enough and smart enough to run a game then I'm sure you've got what it takes to make any changes necessary and convert them to your system of choice.

The good news is that their Patreon rewards kick in at the $0 level, so you don't even have to kick in a dime and you'll still get 1 brand new, bespoke, beast a month to play with. But if you are feeling flush then there's a whole set of levels that will bag you everything from a brand new monster every week to additional artwork, VTT tokens, print-at-home paper miniatures and much more.

Whilst I've no idea what this constipated looking thing is all about their first monster, the mine haunting misfit The Knacker (a familiar figure from Welsh & Cornish folklore, though he appears to have been working out during lockdown), is up as of this morning and available to download entirely for free, so head over to their Patreon now and check it out.

Find Handiwork Games on Twitter at @GamesHandiwork


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