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Wyrd Science Now Live On Kickstarter!

Our debut issue, what we're calling our 'Session Zero' is now live on Kickstarter (and fully funded after just 3 hours!) so we wanted to explain both what it is and what's in it...

A new, quarterly magazine celebrating roleplaying games, war-games and board games Wyrd Science sets out to give space wizards, gelatinous cubes and tentacled gods the respect they deserve.

We love games, we love playing them, designing them and talking about them. We love the inherent ridiculousness of so many of the games we play and how, whether watching a live stream or playing at home, they're the perfect distraction when the world feels like it's falling apart.

But we also value how fantasy and science fiction's never been just about escapism and can be a powerful tool to engage with different perspectives. That's never been more true than today when we have access to games from myriad different countries and cultures around the world.

Whether set amongst the stars or on some fantasy world, full of tribbles, unicorns or barbarian heroes, the games we play have been inspired and informed by the myths, music, TV, film, books, art, history, politics and culture of our own world just as games have in turn inspired others.

So each issue we’ll be talking to some of the most exciting games designers around to find out what's inspired them, dig into tabletop gaming’s rich history, publish original short stories from some of the best science fiction and fantasy authors around and celebrate the art, music and culture that is as much a part of our hobbies as the games themselves.

In this first issue we speak to Kieron Gillen about his lifelong love affair with games and his current comic books, DIE and the new Marvel Warhammer 40K comic Marneus Calgar.

Simon Stålenhag, creator of Tales From the Loop talks us through his stunning new post-apocalyptic narrative art book The Labyrinth.

We unpack the tainted legacies of both Lovecraft and the wild west with award winning games designer Chris Spivey ahead of the release of his new RPG, Haunted West.

Banana Chan gives us the lowdown on Jiangshi - Blood in the Banquet Hall, where Chinese immigrants to early 20th century America must battle systemic racism by day and hopping vampires by night.

We catch up with Johan Nohr, the graphic designer behind blackened artpunk RPG MÖRK BORG for a masterclass in how to break all the established design rules and still win awards.

We take a look at the surprisingly sharp political themes that hide behind the cute critters in Cole Wehrle's game of woodland might and right, Root.

Themeborne's Thomas Pike reveals the particularly grimy 80s influences behind their hit Escape The Dark... games.

And we chat with Rebellion's Duncan Molloy about the 2000AD publisher's new series of magazine gamebooks, Adventure Presents...

We also take a deep breath before diving back into 2020 and ask the likes of Jay Dragon (Wanderhome), Chris McDowell (Electric Bastionland), Pammu Punzalan (The Dovetailor), podcasters The Smart Party and many more what’s been on their mind the past 12 months.

Black Library/Aconyte author Josh Reynolds, provides us with an original short story, The River's Brink, a haunting tale about an occult detective who finds himself in deep water tackling an ancient British spirit.

Then there's a whole host of -soon to be- regular features spotlighting some of our favourite gaming clubs, podcasts and publishers.

It's a lot!

We've put together an incredible team whose work has previously been featured in places such as The Guardian, Senet Magazine, The Board Game Book, Dicebreaker, Tabletop Gaming, Kotaku, Forbes, DJ Mag, The Quietus and Time Out.

Our writers include Matt Thrower, Anna Blackwell, Rob Wieland, Samantha Nelson, Sara Elsam, Will Salmon, Dan Jolin, Walton Wood, Luke Shaw, Mira Manga and Willard Foxton Todd.

Our cover is by linocut artist Mat Pringle and inside the magazine we have original art & photography from the likes of Tom Medwell and Paul Tomes.

So to get involved and be amongst the first to get a copy head over to Kickstarter now and back us!


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