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New Cover Art Print Available!

Well we're about 10 days into the Kickstarter campaign for our debut issue and we have to say that it's going pretty, pretty, pretty good.

A lot of people have been especially complimentary about Mat Pringle's cover art, with good reason, so we asked him to create a limited set of prints of it. And as you can see above he's done an incredible job, again.

In his own words "Limited run of thirty. The paper measures 19.5 cm x 28cm. The actual print size is around 10cm x 15cm. Two colour print using two lino blocks. Each print differs ever-so-slightly due to the hand-made nature of linocut printmaking but that adds to the charm of the print series."

We've added them to the Kickstarter campaign as a new reward tier, £25 and you get the print, the physical magazine and a PDF of the mag. Not too shabby!

Now go, get one before they're gone!


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