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Wyrd Science is a new, quarterly, magazine for those exploring the strange worlds and new horizons of roleplaying games, wargames and board games. 

With a focus as much, if not more, on the culture, history and social issues of games as the mechanics of play, Wyrd Science provides a space for games designers, writers and artists to fully unpack their ideas, inspirations and influences and for our writers to dig into both the history of gaming and the issues of today.


We also just like to write about how awesome dragons, sentient jellies, space wizards and stuff like that is.


If you'd like to get in touch about your new release or just to say hello, contact our editor John Power -

We have also put together a guide to getting press, which you may find useful.


If you would like to advertise in the magazine, on the website or in our weekly newsletter please get in touch -


If you are interested in writing or providing artwork for us or please get in touch - - please take a read of our guide here as it will save a lot of hassle for both of us

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